Partum Mortem


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Tyler Davis
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Tyler Davis One of the best Darksynth albums out there. Favorite track: Night Creature.
Jack Slade
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Jack Slade I listen to this album on those dark stormy nights, when I'm driving down the freeway, with only pent-up rage and revenge on my mind. Favorite track: Night Creature.
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kmxexii Embracing darksynth is a smart move, considering Kaleb's apparent distaste for synth solos, and KFDDA hits all the right notes with the distorted vocals of the intro rolling into the pounding beat of "Partum Mortem" with its exotic leads. "Night Creature" is another heavy dark dance track with a quirky hook. "Ghost Dancers" is played pretty straight, though KFDDA darkens the brighter sections. My fave is the sensual "Amongst the Animals", though chipheads may delight in the chiptune "DArcade". Favorite track: Amongst the Animals.
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CARNOV Dark Synth, video games and 80's! These are top quality tracks with rage-filled criminal synths that really hit hard. Each track is mega replayable.

GOLD RATING - 10/10 Favorite track: Night Creature.
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KFDDA's Partum Mortem is a glimpse at the meltdown of an artist. Fusing all the elements from previous albums into something of its own. A monster in its own right, featuring a blend of 80s inspired riffs, progressions and synths, combined with dark and pulsating electro madness. This album is the perfect blend of darkness and groove.


released October 5, 2014

Partum Mortem (Album) Written, Played, Mixed & Mastered by Kaleb Alfadda
accompaniments by 'Mowgli"

'End of Days' Created by Jean-Pierre Van Damme, written, played, mixed & mastered by Kaleb Alfadda

'Ghost Dancers Slay Together' - Written by James Perturbator Kent, Rework by Kaleb Alfadda

'Moon' - Written by Yuzo Koshiro & Motohiro Kawashima, Rework by Kaleb Alfadda

Big thanks to the guys&gals who inspire me, Jean-Pierre Van Damme, Paul Dress-2-Kill Daly, James Perturbator Kent for helping me in the beginning. Marko Maric, Mike Wood, Huge thanks to Mr. Zach Crabtree, The girls from Synthettes,, Carnov Music and most importantly the love of my life, Kaitlin Winters for always being my biggest fan.



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Track Name: Partum Mortem
Partum, Mortem (x12)